Tactics you should use to Win Child Custody Battles as a Father

There is no specific magical formula that can be used by fathers to win child custody after separation. A growing child has a right of accessing both parents. Therefore, law identifies the fact that a father, just like a mother, has the ability of getting either sole or joint custody of their child. This can only happen if the man is able to prove to the court system that the custody of the child is in order with the child's best interest. It is clear that fathers have certain issues that are unique to them based on family structure. However, these issues must all be captured in the context of the 'child's best interest'. Let's check some facts that could help you get custody of your child as a father.

How well can you Bond with Your Children?

As a father you need ask yourself whether your child is a priority in your life or not. What is the major reason for requesting custody? A custody order with regular and frequent contacts will not be granted just because you asked for it. Develop a habit of spending your visitation time with your child. Do not drop the children off at babysitters, day care facilities, or at your parents then come asking for custody. You have to develop a good relationship with your kid and keep their routine so that they feel comfortable at your place and look forward to coming there any time. Asking for an additional time from your child's mother in a reasonable and cooperative tone will also be a plus on your side. If she refuses to cooperate, let the court know.

Be Prepared with Adequate Documentation

As a father who is ready to fight for his child or children, you should have all the appropriate documents prepared. This should include the child support payments and the visitation schedule prior to the court hearing session. With this in mind, it is clear that you must have a steady income to prove that you can comfortably support your children.

Always have a Witness

Try not to deal with the disturbing partner alone. Always involve a trusted relative or friend during child exchanges. You may also video take or tape-record such exchanges as part of building your evidence. Try as much as you can to avoid emotional exchanges.

Hire a Competent and Aggressive Attorney

Your attorney must be well versed with child support and custody cases. They must understand that parents who alienate children from the other parent could even lie and their testimony seen to be real. Your attorney must be ready to tackle all the drama in court.