Tactics you should use to Win Child Custody Battles as a Father

There is no specific magical formula that can be used by fathers to win child custody after separation. A growing child has a right of accessing both parents. Therefore, law identifies the fact that a father, just like a mother, has the ability of getting either sole or joint custody of their child. This can only happen if the man is able to prove to the court system that the custody of the child is in order with the child's best interest. Read More 

Should You Embark on a Joint Defence With Your Co-Defendants?

In many court cases there will be more that one defendant being accused of the crime. In some cases, even when the cases are being heard separately, the defendants might tend to able to mount a joint defence to save time and money while building a case. Here are some reasons for and against using a joint defence strategy.  Pros This strategy can save time and money as your lawyers can share resources. Read More 

Divorce: The Legal Issues

Going through a divorce is a tough process. It presents a huge emotional burden. It is important to have a good divorce lawyer working through the process step by step. This will help you secure the best possible future for you and your children (if any) as you begin a life as a divorcee. There are two kinds of divorce proceedings. If the two parties in a marriage agree to divorce and on the issues pertaining to the divorce, they can seek one lawyer to give them legal advice during the divorce process. Read More 

Tips to Help With Your Child Custody Case

Married couples are usually expected to raise their children together, but that is not always possible. Spouses may divorce, separate or even annul their marriage and end up fighting for custodial rights over their children. The guiding principle in child custody cases is that the court should make a decision that promotes the child's welfare in the best way possible. In short, the child should be the ultimate winner. In many situations, the courts tend to award child custody rights to mothers because they are the natural care-givers. Read More 

What Is Defense of Necessity in a Criminal Case?

Occasionally, an individual encounters a situation that necessitates doing something unlawful in order to avert serious harm. In this case, the defendant, through their criminal lawyer, can put up a "defense of necessity" against the charges leveled against them. However, for a defense of necessity to be applicable, several vital requirements must be met or proven by the criminal defense attorney. Read on for more insight. Reasonable belief According to the defense of necessity, the defendant must logically believe that there was an imminent danger that called for immediate action. Read More