2 Important Aspects to Consider When Writing Your Will

Once you're gone, you wouldn't want the wealth you have left behind to be the source of wrangles and animosity among your family members or loved ones. If you don't write a will to settle all matters regarding the distribution of your wealth upon your demise, you may leave behind a divided family, with potential heirs fighting one another over who is entitled to a share of your estate. Hence, it is important that you write a will, and a legally valid one for that matter. Read More 

Responsibilities and Rights of a Couple After Separation

When a married couple separates, the marriage is typically regarded as ended and the couple is expected to lead separate lives. However, there are certain rights and responsibilities that both member of the relationship need to maintain during and after separation. Australian family law has specific guidelines for the separation process, and the responsibilities of each spouse are clearly outlined. In legal terms, separation refers to the departure of one or both persons in the relationship with the intent of ending the relationship/marriage. Read More