How to Deal With Financial Maturity When Drafting a Will

Sometimes you have to make tough decisions in life. You have to face up to situations that are unpleasant to think about but nevertheless warrant your attention. The drafting of a will represents one such situation and is something that many people put off for as long as they can because they don't want to deal with the emotions. Furthermore, they realise that certain questions may arise regarding their beneficiaries. If you are worried how others will handle any assets that you bequeath to them, what should you do? Read More 

Why Debt Is Often a Four Letter Word for Business Owners

Very few organisations operate on a strictly cash basis when it comes to their income and expenditures. It's a fact of life in the Western world that many people and organisations expect to be extended credit, when it comes to the purchase of products or services. This poses some potential problems for any small business owner, as it is always a risk that people will not pay their obligations, leaving you with cash flow issues of your own and additional headaches. Read More 

Separation and Divorce: Understanding Your Legal Options for Property Division

When a long-term relationship ends, the assets and liabilities must be shared between you and your former partner. The laws on the division of property apply to couples that were previously married, but their union has ended through annulment, separation or divorce. The same regulations also apply to confirmed de-facto relationships. There are significant challenges encountered during the distribution of assets after the end of a relationship; therefore, you should understand your options concerning property division for ideal legal results. Read More 

Tactics you should use to Win Child Custody Battles as a Father

There is no specific magical formula that can be used by fathers to win child custody after separation. A growing child has a right of accessing both parents. Therefore, law identifies the fact that a father, just like a mother, has the ability of getting either sole or joint custody of their child. This can only happen if the man is able to prove to the court system that the custody of the child is in order with the child's best interest. Read More 

Should You Embark on a Joint Defence With Your Co-Defendants?

In many court cases there will be more that one defendant being accused of the crime. In some cases, even when the cases are being heard separately, the defendants might tend to able to mount a joint defence to save time and money while building a case. Here are some reasons for and against using a joint defence strategy.  Pros This strategy can save time and money as your lawyers can share resources. Read More